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​Psydell burgeons back to the surface with the release of the "Tekkulah EP" ; an off-kilter symposium of generative synthesis and slap-stick percussion. Fluctuating through multiple tempos and time signatures, the EP is full of wild synthetic dialogue and ephemeral atmospheres. Each track spins like a dreidel on a skewed pitch, espousing the familiar rhythmic tropes of glitchhop and its psybient cousins. For those looking to dive into deeper rabbit holes, the production quality of this EP ensures an absolutely immersive listening experience amongst the tones and modes of psychedelic electronic music. 


Psydell is blurring the lines between psychedelic soundscapes and heavy hitting bass music . With so much time and consideration being put into the carefully sculpted sound , it brings an essence of intelligence while still delivering the highest energy.


For most of 2016 and 2017 his time was spent on the road , performing with acts such as Manic Focus ,  Mr. Bill , kLL sMTH , Freddy Todd and was recently invited to play Tipper's 4321 Event in Missouri. After taking time off from traveling , focus was shifted back to the studio finishing up not two , but three EPs to be released throughout the next year. With the next release due late spring , it's sure to be a catalyst in the evolution of forward thinking bass music. 


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