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November 30th , 2022

Remix of Danny Grooves' "Gangster Therapy" Out Now!!!

Its not too often that Psydell remixes a tune from someone else but when its for Danny Grooves , its not an opportunity one passes up. Check out Psydells re-imagining of Danny Grooves , "Gangster Therapy".  

gangster therapy remixed cover.jpg
May 06, 2022

Psydell brings forth a darker side on  "Scavenger"

Psydell returns to Addictech Records with a pair of absolute heavy hitters!
Josh maintains his incredible production standards, immaculate glitches and super intricate edits while still keeping the dancefloor throbbing with low end thunder.

January 19, 2022

Another single from Alejo and Psydell!

The esteemed duo hit it off yet again with another bangin tune so heavy , its offensive.

Expletive Deleted - Out Now!!

September 16, 2020

"Toucans Masquerading as Humans"
Out Now!

Alejo and Psydell build upon a growing catalogue of collaborations that have helped place their works at the forefront of the neuro-psychedelia scene.Grab their latest release from Street Ritual.

toucans square.jpg
March 01 , 2020

Shanti Planti re releases original debut from duo!!

"Other Than Ourselves" , the original debut from Alejo and Psydell has been re released on Shanti Planti !!

September 06, 2019

The "Luca" EP is here!!!

The Luca EP is out NOW!!!!  Available through Addictech Records and all other streaming platforms. 

August 30, 2019

The Untz premieres track off upcoming Luca EP

The Untz premieres the title track off the upcoming Luca EP , accompanied by some psychedelic imagery from 3NA visuals. Be sure to snag a copy when it lands on Sept. 6th!!

October 01, 2018

Gravitas releases Infusion Vol 7.
feat. "Skadder"

Gravitas Recordings has released the next compilation within the Infusion Series featuring the track "Skadder" as well as singles from artists such as Govinda , Barely Great and Megan Hamilton! Pick up your copy of Infusion Vol. 7 from Gravitas Recordings today!!

August 06, 2018

"Tekkulah" EP now available through Addictech Records!!

Psydell burgeons back to the surface with the release of the "Tekkulah EP"; an off-kilter symposium of generative synthesis and slap-stick percussion. Fluctuating through multiple tempos and time signatures, the EP is full of wild synthetic dialogue and ephemeral atmospheres. 

July 31, 2018

The Untz premieres new Psydell Track

The Untz premiers the new Psydell track , "Lorcepts" from the upcoming EP , Tekkulah. The rest of the EP will be available through Addictech Records on August 6th! 

July 05, 2018

Remix the latest track "Skadder"!!!!

All of the stems from the track "Skadder" are now available to everyone! Download the stems as well as the additional sample pack and even a preset for NI's Razor Vst. Get to work and let us hear what you manifest. Good luck and have fun !!!!

July 05, 2018

"Skadder" out now through Gravitas Records!

Psydell's newest track Skadder is now streaming thanks to the good folks at Gravitas. It will be released in the near future as part of the Infusion series. Listen to it now or grab the stems and whip up your own version of the tune!

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