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"Other Than Ourselves" , the original debut from Alejo and Psydell has been re released on Shanti Planti !!


The year is 3033. The survival of the human race has been teetering on the edge of oblivion for ages as various species of extraterrestrial beings have discretely slid into our world under the radar. Cloaked by their ability to hide amongst the humans and disguise themselves as such, they have slowly manipulated minds and sewn themselves into a civilization that is light years away from the place they once called home. Their intentions unknown, but the effects of their time on Earth are clear. From the ruins of a decaying society rises lifeforms once unknown to man. They harbor a mutation rarely found in any creature which spurs the adaptation of their senses, and brings rise to a race of auditory alchemists who are unlike anything that has been seen before !!

Alejo, Psydell - Other Than Ourselves

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